Sic Bo

Sic Bo

Sic Bo
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desktop, mobile
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"Wheel of Fortune" jackpot

Sic Bo

The history of the game Sic Bo dates back to ancient China. In translation, the name of the game literally means "a pair of cubes". It would seem that there is nothing easier than guessing that a pair of dice with numbers will decide the outcome of the game. But no! There are not two cubes in the game, but three. Otherwise, this game resembles the principles of roulette.

The essence of the game is to guess the amount of points that fall on 6-sided dice with numbers. In each game, three dice are thrown, and the player preliminarily makes bets on the numbers that will appear in this game. In this case, the player places his chips on numerous sectors of the playing field. The sectors correspond to the different types of rates that we will now get to know.

The game has a huge variety of bets on a specific combination of values or on a specific number on the die/dice. The winning odds for these bets are also as diverse as possible: from a small 1:1 odds (for example, for a bet on a large or small amount of values on all dice) to a 180:1 odds (such a win can be obtained if you guess a triple - one specific number, which will appear on all three dice at the same time). There are many other betting options in the game - doubles and triples, totals, dice combinations and bets on a number. More information about the types of bets can be found in info in the game settings. There you can also select the background color of the game table, enable or disable sound effects and music, and change the language of the game. Traditionally, like all BELATRA games, Sic Bo is available in 14 languages of the world, which makes it accessible to players around the globe. Well, are you ready to play SIC BO Belatra online for free without registration, SMS and download? This can be done directly on our website Or search for this game on the sites of our casino partners to play for real money in Sic Bo BELATRA.

Wheel of Fortune Jackpot

Bonus for each player is the "Wheel of Fortune" super jackpot. All you have to do to get a chance to spin the wheel is play! Each spin of the reels brings jp points to your piggy bank. The number of points awarded per spin depends on the current bet and the denomination of the game. And when you collect some points, two wheels will appear on the screen. By spinning the first one, you can get extra points, duplicate or triple jp-points during the next games, or go to the big Wheel of Fortune. The main prize on it is the jackpot, the amount of which is indicated on the screen.

Sic Bo - a gambling novelty from Ancient China!