Richy Hog

Richy Hog

Richy Hog

When people talk about money and wealth, what animal comes to your mind? Of course, a pig! Because the best vault for money is a piggy bank! In the new BELATRA online slot Richy Hog, the main character, a huge pig, is a real rich man! He has the most beautiful girls, the most expensive cigars and huge safes filled to overflowing with gold bars, pleasantly rustling banknotes and sparkling precious stones. Do you want the same chic life as our Richy Hog? Welcome to the world of luxury and wealth!

Richy Hog is a 20-line online slot that is translated into many languages of the world, which makes it truly international. And this is where its similarity with classic slot games ends. One of the features of this game is "reels with the memory effect": the position of the reels is remembered for each bet. And in the case of a change in the bet, the reels take exactly the position that is fixed for this particular bet.

Magical safes

A nice addition that is available in both the main game and the bonus game. Magic safes are a group of four identical symbols, which can hide either game symbols or other very different prizes. At the beginning of each round, the safes move down one position. But landing the scatter symbol "+1" shifts the safes one position up. Thus, it becomes possible to keep magical safes on the playing field for a long time.

Free games

The main features of the bonus games of this slot are the accumulative multiplier and a special horizontal reel. At the start, the multiplier is equal to one. And each next free game increases the multiplier by 1. The position of magic safes is played on the horizontal reel, and additional multipliers that increase the value of the accumulative multiplier can also appear on it.

Buy Bonus

The unique #BUYBONUS option is a great opportunity not to wait for the moment when the combination that awards the player free games finally falls out. Now free games can be bought! For a certain amount, which can be seen to the left of the playing field, the player can buy free spins of the reels at any time during the game. #BUYBONUS is a whole series of games. Search our website for icons marked #BUYBONUS and play online for free without registration and with free games (or bonus) at any time!

Wheel of Fortune Jackpot

Spinning the "wheel of fortune" is a dream of every fan of gambling. And for this it is not necessary to go somewhere. And you don't even need to look for a special game. It is enough just to play the BELATRA Richy Hog slot machine and accumulate points for each bet made. And when enough points are accumulated, the game will automatically offer to spin the "Wheel of Fortune"!

Richy Hog - your way to wealth!