Piggy Bank Scratch

Piggy Bank Scratch - new online scratch game from Belatra Games

Piggy Bank Scratch - new online scratch game from Belatra Games

Scratch games that resemble instant lotteries are not as widely known among online casino players as, for example, slots, poker, roulette or bingo games. Although scratch games are very fun and always intuitive. And if you choose the right style and design, then the game will be simply doomed to success. This is how the new game from Belatra Games was created - PIGGY BANK SCRATCH. Combining all the best from the most popular Piggy Bank slot and an interesting idea of the lottery format, this game is ready to become a favorite of many players around the world!

The principle of this scratch game will be clear even for a beginner. The playing field is a card consisting of 9 cells with a protective layer. In each cell, the winning amount can be written or a piggy bank can be drawn, indicating the transition to a bonus. The player's task is to erase the protective layer. And if there are 3 identical values in the cells, then the player will receive exactly this amount as a prize. Moreover, you can open the values on the game card in two ways. You can "erase" the protective layer with a quick click on the "Open" button, or you can make the game process as realistic as possible and erase the golden layer using a computer mouse or touch screen! In order to play the online slot machine Piggy Bank Scratch for free without downloading and registering, just find this game on the official website free-slot.belatragames.com. And you can play scratch online for real money on the websites of our casino partners!

Bank Robbery Bonus - Stage 1

Three symbols "Pig-piggy bank" on the game card automatically start the bonus game. You need to rob the bank in stages! Let's start with piggy banks - smash them with a huge hammer and get everything that is hidden in them. Of course, at some point, a cop may interfere with you, but this is not the worst thing. A saving brick that flew over his head will allow you not to be distracted from the process and, possibly, find the cherished key in one of the piggy banks...

Bank Robbery Bonus - Stage 2

If luck was on your side, and a key was found in one of the piggy banks, you will proceed to the second stage of the bonus game. This stage is a win-win, and there is no need to be afraid of cops here. The key opens any of 5 safes offered to choose from. Different amounts are hidden in each safe. Call your intuition to help and make no mistake with your choice!

Jackpot "Wheel of Fortune"

Despite the fact that the game Piggy Bank Scratch has an unusual principle, much in it is familiar to players who know the games of BELATRA well. For example, the "Wheel of Fortune" jackpot. After each bet made, JP points will be accumulated on a special indicator. When enough points have been accumulated, a two-stage jackpot drawing will automatically start, in which you can win interesting valuable prizes and, of course, the main prize - the super jackpot!

Piggy Bank Scratch - Bank robbery is easier than you think!