Piggy Bank

Piggy Bank - online slot game

Piggy Bank - online slot game
Feature Type:
bonus games
Feature frequency:
1:168, 1:1100
Available on:
desktop, mobile

Piggy Bank - online slot game

The bank robbery is one of the most interesting detective stories. A lot of books and films have been made about this. But you can be not only an outside observer, but also participate in the robbery process! And it’s absolutely legal... Meet the most famous and most loved detective slot by the players! 

Now BELATRA’s online game Piggy Bank in our online casino! Does the robbery of the century together with the crafty robber Jimmy, hide from the police and get a tidy sum in our classic slot Piggy Bank!

A 9-linear game with 5 reels of 3 symbols of each this rules loved by all players for long time. This is the classic that is understandable to fans from the first seconds, the interface and gameplay are easily perceived even by beginners and allow you to instantly join the game and play Piggy Bank online for free and without registration. Bright and funny characters will not let you get bored, original bonuses and bonus games diversify the gameplay, also this game is available in 11 languages and this make it absolutely international!

Bonus "Robbery". Part 1 - "Piggy banks"

As soon as you have found at least 3 "Piggy Banks" (this is how the scatter-symbol looks in the game), a bonus will immediately start! Your task is to choose one of 5 piggy banks and break them. If among the gypsum pigs it turns out one is alive, then it will scream with a yelp breaking the figures standing on her way! In these pigs you can find winnings, bonus games or a key. The main thing is to finish all your dark affairs before the police arrive, otherwise you will be arrested and the bonus will end. But if you playing at a high rate, once per game you can use a brick that will fall upon the head of the police and you will continue your robbery.

Bonus "Robbery". Part 2 - "Safes"

If you find a key in the piggy bank, you will immediately go to the second part of the bonus, in which you will find 5 safes. But the key can come up only for one safe. Open it and get your legal money rain.

Free Games

If in the piggy banks you also find bonus games, at the end of the bonus free spins of the reels will start right away. But not a simple reels, but reels with a super-wild-symbol! A joker here becomes a random reel, which after each rotation is moved one drum to the right and reaching the end goes in the opposite direction.


A double with a dealer is a card risk game in which it’s so easy to double your winnings! Just choose one of the four cards! If it turns out to be older than the dealer's card, then you risked not in vain: your winnings will increase by 2 times!

Slot machine Piggy Bank online - now you can rob a bank without leaving your home! Play and win!