New York

NEW YORK is a spectacular slot machine from BELATRA

NEW YORK is a spectacular slot machine from BELATRA
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desktop, mobile
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free games

NEW YORK is a spectacular slot machine from BELATRA

People say, New York is a city of contrasts. This is absolute truth. New York is also a city of temptations, a city of crazy rhythm and pacifying jazz, a city of seething passions and leisurely walks along the bright streets... New York is diverse, but it’s invariably bewitching and attractive! Would you like to find yourself in this amazing city? Then welcome to the new BELATRA online slot “New York”!

Would you like to plunge into the atmosphere of the night New York City and experience all the charms and temptations that this lively, noisy, huge city is fraught with? Then here you are - this new bright BELATRA online slot “New York” has been created specially for you! The eye-catching design and stylish musical arrangement will literally take you to charming New York, while the original extras won’t let even the most experienced fans of slot games get bored. Ready to take a big chance? Look for BELATRA online slot machine “New York” on the websites of our partners - you can play it for real money in many online casinos! Do you want to make sure that playing is definitely worth it? Then start playing the online slot "New York" for free, without registration and downloading directly on our website -!

Free Games

The free games here, as well as the entire slot, are full of bright colors, glitter and magical sights. Skyscrapers are growing right in front of your eyes. And if, while walking along the streets of this amazing city, you meet beautiful couples, this will certainly bring you not only aesthetic pleasure, but also additional free games. Free spins in this game are repeatedly embedded into each other, and their total number can reach 100!

Risk Game

Card games are among the most international games in the world. What spades and clubs, poker and blackjack mean, is well known in London, Tokyo and Moscow. And of course, in New York too. Card doubles, where the player’s task is very simple – to guess the value, color or suit of the closed card, - are a great addition to the main game and to the main win!

Jackpot "Wheel of Fortune"

This is a nice bonus for all players - without performing any additional actions, get a chance to spin the “wheel of fortune” and hit the jackpot! Your task is just to play. And this simple action only, will bring you JP points that will be accumulated, and when a certain value is reached on the indicator, two wheels will appear on the screen. You can win great prizes on both of these wheels - win multipliers in other BELATRA online slots and extra JP points, while the Jackpot will become the main win for the luckiest players!

New York - a city of contrasts in the new online slot machine!