Mummyland Treasures

Mummyland Treasures

Mummyland Treasures

Stories about mummies, the curses of their tombs and the innumerable treasures that they hide in themselves - a huge number. Books have been studied up and down not only by professional Egyptologists, but films are cited by heart by everyone who dreams of touching the tomb of an Egyptian pharaoh at least once in their life and revealing the secret of his fantastic riches. BELATRA offers to open a tomb with a real mummy right here and right now. This is what the original MUMMYLAND TREASURES game was created for. In it, all fans of science fiction penetrate the mysterious world of mummies and uncover the secret of treasures. You are ready? Then go ahead!

This game has an unusual principle. The consecutive arrangement of symbols on adjacent reels is paid by 823543 ways. And there are no drums in their classical sense. Here the playing field is 7x7 characters in size. You can easily find all the detailed and detailed information in the main menu of the game, the Info tab. And as soon as you understand the rules, you can play Mummyland Treasures online slot for free without registration, SMS and downloading directly on our website. Or look for this game on online casino sites around the world - this is a real chance to play online for real money.

Free Games

As in any classic slot, the scatter symbol is responsible for the dropout of free games. Free Games are played on the gaming area, as well as the basic ones. If a STONE is broken in a Free Game, it will not respawn in the next Free Games. The main feature is the Cumulative multiplier. Randomly dropped Scarab Beetles or Mummies increase this multiplier. At the end of each free game, the winnings are multiplied by an accumulative multiplier.

Craft bonus

Mummyland Treasures is one of the Belatra's games with a crafting bonus option. This option allows you not only to buy a bonus game at any time, but also to choose different options for the bonus. The value of the bonus will depend on the bet of the main game. The more expensive the purchased bonus, the higher the probability of the indicated bonus game symbols appearing.

Wheel of Fortune Jackpot

For those who do not have enough of the mysteries of the Egyptian tomb, we are ready to offer a super bonus - the "Wheel of Fortune" jackpot. Place bets in the base game and get JP points for every spin. When you reach 2000 points, the Super Jackpot will automatically start. On the first wheel, the main prize is the opportunity to spin the second wheel. On the second - to win the "Wheel of Fortune" jackpot. But no lucky person will be left without a win in this bonus - each sector on the wheel hides a prize - doubling or tripling points during subsequent accumulation or additional JP points.

Mummyland Treasures - solve the riddle of an ancient mummy!