Lucie's Cats

Lucie's Cats

Lucie's Cats

Do you like cats? Meet Lucie - the main character of the new slot machine from BELATRA. Lucie loves cats! Lucie has 4 cats of different breeds and colors at home. However, sorry, of course, we were mistaken. Lucie lives in the cat's house. Because they are the rightful owners of this big house. Here they are allowed everything: eat the most elite food and frolic with mice, drag fish from the table and innocently play with a ball, hide in boxes and even break aquariums! Do you want to see the most real cat paradise? Then welcome to this amazing home - Lucie's Cats Online Slot.

This slot is colorful, bright, warm and fluffy, just like its inhabitants - Lucie's cats. An interesting feature of Lucie's Cats online slot is the wild symbol. In this game it not only replaces any of the game symbols, but also serves as a multiplier. The Joker can multiply the winnings on a line by 2 or 3. And if several wild symbols participate in a winning combination, the multipliers are summed up! And Lucie loves not only cats, but also foreign languages. Polyglot Lucie speaks 14 languages of the world, so she will be glad to welcome guests from online casinos from all over the world. Play Lucie's Cats online for free without registration, SMS and download? With ease! You can do this directly on our website Do you want to play with cats for money? The game is available in many online casinos - choose your favorite and let Fortune smile at you!

Free games

What do cats like to play with the most? Right! With balls ща thread! The "Ball of Thread" is the scatter symbol in this game. Falling out on the reels, it launches free games. There can be from 7 to 20 - you will determine the exact number yourself. First, you select the box that contains one of Lucie's four cats, and then the can of canned food. After all, before the game you need to eat well! In free games, the wild symbol gets another interesting feature - it "sticks" in the place where it fell, and remains there for the entire duration of the game.


The unique #BUYBONUS option is a great opportunity not to wait for the moment when the combination that will award the free games to the player finally comes up. Free games are now available for purchase! For a certain amount, which can be seen to the left of the playing field, the player can buy free spins of the reels at any time of the game. #BUYBONUS is a whole series of games. Look for #BUYBONUS games on our website and play online for free without registration and with free games (or a bonus) at any time!

Wheel of Fortune Jackpot

Each BELATRA online slot is supplemented with a "Wheel of Fortune" jackpot, and Lucie's Cats is no exception. By pressing the START button, you send a certain number of jp points to your "piggy bank" (indicator at the top of the screen). Once the entire indicator is full, you will be taken directly to the jackpot draw. It takes place in two stages. At the first stage, you spin the wheel and win different prizes, but the most valuable prize will be... an arrow! It is she who means the transition to the next stage - another wheel, spinning which you can win the main jackpot!

Lucie's Cats are the masters of the house!