Legacy of Doom

Legacy of Doom

Legacy of Doom

Hundreds and even thousands of years separate the modern world from one of the most important and largest civilizations in world history - Ancient Egypt. This civilization gave the world fantastic architecture and a lot of scientific knowledge, works of literature and art, and, of course, writing. Not only scrolls describing the life of that time have come down to us, but also entire books with predictions and prophecies. And our hero sets off again - to find the prophecy, get incredible power and, of course, huge wealth in the new online slot from Belatra Games - LEGACY OF DOOM! It is subject only to the chosen one...

Thanks to the detailed and incredibly colorful graphics, the player is immersed in the bewitching world of Ancient Egypt from the first seconds. The hot African sun is blinding, but our hero will not have to stay under it for a long time. After all, he will have to go on an amazing journey for the book of predictions to the kingdom of the dead, where the powerful Anubis will decide whether the traveler is worthy to open the great book of predictions... It is she who will be able to discover the secret of ancient treasures and bring untold wealth. This slot is both simple and very attractive, light and addictive. But if you have not yet decided that you want to play this online slot machine for real money, then we are ready to offer you an excellent alternative: Legacy of Doom free slot machine - you can play without registration, SMS and download directly on our official website free-slot.belatragames.com.

Free games

Fortune favors only the chosen ones! When the book of predictions is found, the fun begins - free games. In this slot, they are not simple, but with a super symbol. Before the start of the free spins of the reels, a super symbol is randomly determined for the entire series of free games. And if such symbols appear on the screen, they will fill the entire reel, thereby increasing the player's chances of getting a great win. Free games can be nested multiple times and up to 152 free spins!


Continuation of a series of games with the option to purchase a bonus - Legacy of Doom. This option makes real what every player dreams of - to get a bonus or bonus games as soon as possible. Nothing is impossible with #BuyBonus from Belatra Games! Now the player can buy for a certain number of credits (depending on the current bet) free spins of the reels or a bonus game at any time!

Risk game

Did you know that already in ancient times the Egyptians liked to spend the evening playing cards? Let's support them in this tradition, because in Legacy Of Doom online slot there are two card risk games that will allow you to duplicate the received winnings. Guess the highest card or its color and get 2 times the amount won! And if intuition tells the suit of the closed card, then the winnings will be increased by 4 times!

Wheel of Fortune Jackpot

Usually, in order to participate in the jackpot draw, the player must meet certain conditions (for example, play at a higher rate). Everyone can participate in the Wheel of Fortune jackpot, for this you need only one thing - to play. It's easy to play any BELATRA slot machine - for example, Legacy of Doom. Each bet made will bring the player a certain number of special jp points, which, having accumulated in the required amount, will trigger the Wheel of Fortune jackpot.

Legacy of Doom - only the chosen one will find the prophecy of Ancient Egypt!