Lazy Monkey

Lazy Monkey

Lazy Monkey
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desktop, mobile
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scatter symbol, wild symbol, bonus, super bonus, risk games, "Wheel of Fortune" jackpot

Lazy Monkey

At first glance, it may seem that all monkeys are very active and mobile animals. But it is not so. Especially lazy monkeys, who are too lazy to get a banana and protect themselves from a snake, live in hot tropical jungles... We will tell you about one of such incredibly lazy monkeys in the new Belatra Games online slot - LAZY MONKEY. Welcome to the virtual tropics - here you can not only help the monkey, but also get a great win by chasing snakes and collecting bright and tasty bananas! And if you are lucky enough to collect a whole bag of them, your winnings will be incredible!

The tropics are the perfect place to be lazy! When you are surrounded by beautiful flowers, bright butterflies and ripe fruits, it is simply impossible to deny yourself laziness! Drive away all harmful snakes from the monkey. And if you play at an increased rate (from 90 credits per game), the monkey will receive a special ANTI-SNAKE mask, which will become a protective amulet in case of a snake attack. Do you want to play online slot Lazy Monkey from Belatra for free without registration and download? You can do this directly on our website Better yet, do not be lazy and visit our partners - various online casinos - there you can play this Belatra Games slot for real money!


Everything is as simple as possible here. If several main symbols of the game - LAZY MONKEY - appear on the reels in the main game, the bonus game will begin, where your task is to choose those bags in which bananas are hidden. And if suddenly a snake falls out of the bag, then, unfortunately, the bonus will have to be completed. But do not forget that when playing at a higher rate, you have the right to make mistakes! Once you can scare the snake with an amulet mask and continue the bonus!


If at the first stage of the bonus you managed to open all the bags, you get into a super bonus! Just pick one of the large bags filled to the brim with bananas and see how awesome you win!

Risk game

In this game, takes are classic. In risk games, you can easily and quickly duplicate your winnings (and do it several times!). To do this, it is enough to guess the one that turns out to be higher than the open card of the dealer among all the cards that are face down on the table. This is the principle of the "Double with the dealer" risk game. And if the "Red-Black-Suit" double is chosen, the winnings can be increased not only by 2, but also by 4 times at once. The guessed color of the card will duplicate the winning, the guessed suit will quadruple.

Wheel of Fortune Jackpot

Almost all BELATRA online slots are supplemented with the "Wheel of Fortune" jackpot, and Lazy Monkey is no exception. With each press of the START button, that is, with each bet made, you send a certain number of jp points to your "piggy bank" (indicator at the top of the screen). Once the entire indicator is full, you will be taken directly to the jackpot draw. It takes place in two stages. At the first stage, you spin the wheel and you can win different prizes, but the most valuable prize will be ... an arrow! It is she who means the transition to the next stage - another wheel, spinning which you can win the main jackpot!

Lazy Monkey - a monkey that brings good luck!