King Of Jumping Scratch

King Of Jumping Scratch

King Of Jumping Scratch

One of the most famous fairy tales in the world is the story of the Frog Princess. More than 20 years ago, it was this fairy tale that inspired the developers of the BELATRA company to create the Princess Of Swamp slot game, which instantly became incredibly popular among players and has not lost its position ever since. And now it was decided to create a sequel - a scratch game in a lottery format with simple rules, a favorite bonus and an intuitive interface. Welcome to King Of Jumping Scratch game!

Scratch games are like a lottery and the rules are the same. Buy a ticket (or several - this way you can save up to 10%!), Remove the protective layer and, if three squares contain the same values, then this is the amount you will receive as a prize. There are two ways to remove the security slot from the card. For the fastest and most dynamic game you can use the "OPEN!" - then all cells on the ticket will open automatically. And if you want to make the gameplay the most realistic, you can literally erase the protective layer using a computer mouse or touch screen. Like all games from Belatra Games, KING OF JUMPING SCRATCH exists in 14 languages of the world, which makes this game available to almost every player in any part of the world. Do you want to know if you will like the BELATRA King Of Jumping Scratch online slot machine? You can play for free without registration and download on our official website

Bonus - Stage 1

On the card, in addition to the winning amounts, the main character of the game, the Frog Princess, can appear. Three Frogs on one ticket trigger the bonus game. At the first stage, your task is to jump on water lilies, moving along the pond. But do not forget that a crocodile can hide under the water lilies. But since the Frog is "not simple, but golden", then once you have the right to make a mistake - at the first meeting with a crocodile, the Arrow will help prevent the Frog from swallowing! If the entire pond successfully passes, you will be taken to the second stage of the bonus.

Bonus - Stage 2

But in the far part of the pond, everything is more complicated - after all, it is very dark there, and you only have a small flashlight. Try to guess where the Frog Princess is hiding! If you hit the crocodile, the bonus will have to be completed.


In addition to the Frog, which awards the bonus, the card can also contain the Caterpillar - a super-symbol that, falling out in triple copies, awards the jackpot!

King Of Jumping Scratch is a new interpretation of a popular fairy tale!