Hot Wild Pepper

Hot Wild Pepper

Hot Wild Pepper

Do you know what online slot machines most often get to the TOP popular slots among players? No, not slots with a variety of complex bonuses, and not even games with the most spectacular graphics. For many years online casino’s gambling guests have called the classical “fruit” slots to be the most favorite ones. Their history began more than a hundred years ago, when a ban on slot machines was declared in the USA, and they were disguised as gum machines. Hot Wild Pepper is the symbol of those American traditions of the beginning of the past century. But instead of a chewing gum - hot wild pepper and big wins, of course!

Hot Wild Pepper has 5 reels and 100 lines! If you prefer this kind of traditional slots, then the “Pepper” slot machine is just what you need! You can play this BELATRA online slot machine for free, without registration and SMS on our official website Or look for it on the websites of our casino partners and try to play the new online slot for real money!

Besides the fruit symbols, there are also such well-known symbols, as “BAR” and "Seven". And if you like “777” slot machines, then “Hot Wild Pepper” is a great choice! By the way, just like all the other BELATRA online slots, Hot Wild Pepper has been translated into many languages of the world, which makes it truly international.

Special Symbol

As a small, but pleasant bonus, this slot has a special symbols - "Bell" and "Star". Here they are scatters and brings wins, appearing at any position on the reels regardless of the lines!

Jackpot "Wheel of Fortune"

Over more than a hundred years, the "fruit" slot machines have changed a lot. Besides the fact that wins are paid not by a chewing gum anymore, but by pleasantly rustling bills, there is more - now slots offer a lot of extra games and features that can bring you big wins. One of such features is the “Wheel of Fortune” jackpot. When accumulating a certain number of JP points, you get a bonus with two “wheels of fortune”, on which you can: win extra points, win multipliers and, of course, get the main prize – the super jackpot!

Hot Wild Pepper: hot game - wild wins!