Golden Plinko

Golden Plinko

Golden Plinko

Rooted in the age-old traditions of Ancient China, the game Golden Plinko by BELATRA is an ode to the captivating entertainments and wisdom of olden times. The history of this game dates back to ancient dynasties, where it served not only as amusement but also as a symbol of luck and prosperity. Today, BELATRA continues this grand tradition, expanding its game portfolio with a new direction – exciting Plinko-style games. Join us on this captivating journey through time and culture, where every coin drop becomes a part of ancient wisdom and modern thrill.

The game's graphics impress with their vividness and detail. The animation superbly highlights each moment of the coin's toss and its interaction with the game board, creating a dynamic and captivating gaming experience. From the background music to the sound effects, the game is filled with the atmosphere of a great empire, transporting players into the world of Chinese traditions and legends. With creative design elements and various levels of difficulty, the game offers players not only excitement but also the opportunity to immerse themselves in the rich cultural heritage of China. "Golden Plinko" is a unique journey through time and space that allows every player to experience the magic and splendor of Chinese culture.

Game Rules

In the game Golden Plinko, the coin falls down the pyramid on its own, encountering various obstacles along its path before landing in one of the multiplier slots at the bottom. Each slot has its own unique multiplier, which multiplies the winning amount. Players aim to control the direction of the coin's fall, aiming for slots with higher multipliers to increase their potential winnings. Above the pyramid are three pots with coins – bronze, silver, and gold – indicating the level of risk and potential winnings. This element of strategy allows players to choose between different pots depending on their preferences and desired level of risk.

Money Frog

In Golden Plinko, there's a captivating feature called the money frog. If the coin lands in the money frog slot, instead of settling into a regular multiplier slot, it bounces back up into the pot. This adds anticipation to the game, as players hope for their coin to encounter the money frog.But there's more excitement in store. The pot, upon receiving the returning coin from the money frog, can randomly dispense a bonus of free coins, ranging from 5 to 100. These free coins offer players additional chances to win without having to spend any additional credits. It's a delightful surprise that adds an extra layer of fun and potential winnings to the Golden Plinko gameplay.