Golden Lantern

Golden Lantern

Golden Lantern

Lucky Cat sets out on a quest to restore balance to the land, combating malevolent forces that threaten to disrupt the harmony of fortune. Along the way, players unlock hidden treasures, solve intricate puzzles, and forge alliances with mythical creatures. Golden Lantern invites you to test your luck and skill in a series of challenges that promise bountiful rewards. Immerse yourself in the rich visuals, soothing melodies, and the element of chance that makes every moment in the game a unique and thrilling experience. Are you ready to embrace the spirit of adventure and unveil the secrets of luck hidden within Golden Lantern? Join Lucky Cat and a host of auspicious characters in this captivating journey. Play now and let the lantern of fortune light your path!

This visually stunning game is poised to elevate the slot-playing experience, captivating players with its meticulous design and a soul-soothing soundtrack that adds an extra layer of enjoyment. The symbolism embedded in the game comprises an array of exquisite Oriental artifacts, including intricately crafted fans, blooming lotus flowers, and the iconic Lucky Cat.

+25% to the bet

Increase your winning potential with a 25% boost to your bet, enhancing the likelihood of achieving winning combinations and unlocking free games. Activate the switch located on the right side to access additional opportunities for gameplay.

Free Games

Adding to the allure of Golden Lantern is the Scatter symbol, beautifully represented by the Yin-yang icon. Landing four of these symbols on the reels triggers an enticing reward of 10 Free Games, while discovering five grants an even more generous 15 Free Games. For the luckiest players who manage to find six Scatters, a lavish prize of 20 Free Games awaits. The excitement doesn't end there – achieving at least three Scatters during Free Games activates an additional five Free Game spins, with the grand total capped at an exhilarating 300.

Multipliers in Free Games

What sets Golden Lantern apart is the chance for players to bask in the glow of the eponymous Golden Lantern multipliers during Free Games. These multipliers, prominently displayed on each lantern, range from x2 to x100, promising substantial boosts to winnings and enhancing the overall thrill of gameplay.

Craft Bonus

For those seeking an expedited route to the Free Games feature, Belatra has integrated its highly sought-after Craft Bonus. This feature enables players to enter Free Games at their discretion, provided they possess an ample credit total. The options are diverse, allowing players to choose between 10, 15, or 20 Free Games, with the purchase price for each level contingent on the chosen bet per game. This innovative addition adds an extra layer of strategic decision-making, empowering players to tailor their gaming experience to their preferences and playing style.

Golden Lantern - catch your luck by the tail!