Golden øks

Golden øks

Golden øks
Available on:
desktop, mobile
Feature frequency:
1:146; 1:234294.117
Feature Type:
scatter symbol, wild symbol, bonuses, #BuyBonus, +25% to the bet

Golden øks

Prepare to immerse yourself in the rugged landscapes of ancient Scandinavia with Belatra Games' latest creation - the new slot for online casinos, "Golden øks." Amidst the icy winds and swirling snowstorms, where tales of valor and conquest echo through the fjords, an epic saga awaits. Assume the role of Norse warriors and wield the legendary golden axes as you aspire to attain glory and wealth beyond measure.

"Golden øks" proudly stands amidst the towering peaks of Nordic mythology, featuring a classic 5x3 reel layout adorned with symbols of bravery and ancient runes. The meticulously crafted sound design transports you to a realm where the clash of steel and the howl of the blizzard become your companions. Now accessible in 16 languages worldwide, "Golden øks" epitomizes the essence of online slots Belatra, offering a gaming experience that transcends geographical boundaries.

Winnings are determined not by paylines, but by the 243 ways that intersect the reels, promising rewards worthy of a conqueror.

+25% to the bet

Amidst the fray, a feature known as "+25% to the bet" beckons the daring. Activate this option and witness your bet increase by 25%, doubling your chances of triggering the bonus and edging you closer to triumph.

Bonuses "Axes" and "Golden Axes"

In this realm where courage reigns supreme, the mighty axe serves as both weapon and key to untold riches. Dive into the "Axes" bonus round by landing 3 or 4 scatter symbols, setting out on a quest to uncover the mysteries of ancient runes. Each target hit reveals a digit of the multiplier, promising rewards. And if luck smiles upon you with 5 scatter symbols, the legendary "Golden Axes" bonus round awaits, offering the chance to seize a treasure trove unmatched. Should objectives remain unmet in the bonus round, fear not, for an additional AXE may be acquired to enhance your odds of victory in these thrilling new slots 2024.

"Buy Bonus"

If you're up for it, "Golden øks" offers the "Buy Bonus" feature. With courage and coins in hand, unlock the path to potential riches and set off on a journey that might just make it into the history books.

"Golden øks": script your own saga and etch your name among the legends!