Chicago Bang Bang!

Chicago Bang Bang! - online slot Belatra with #BUYBONUS

Chicago Bang Bang! - online slot Belatra with #BUYBONUS
Available on:
desktop, mobile
Feature frequency:
1:18.32; 1:186.58
Feature Type:
bonus, free games, risk game, jackpot "Wheel of Fortune", option #BUYBONUS

Chicago Bang Bang! - online slot Belatra with #BUYBONUS

Cabarets and casinos, prohibition and control, mafia and tough gangster wars...

Romantic of Chicago of 1930-s is breathtaking and mesmerizes imagination to present day. With the game Chicago Bang, Bang! you will feel yourself real gangstars, feel the pulse of that times and get a really gangster win!

Bonus "Contraband. Stage 1"

Shoot the boxes and take everything you can find in them - bullets for your revolver, whiskey or even a gangster. But wiil have to take also a bomb and finish this bonus.

Bonus "Contraband. Stage 2"

Here you will have to take just money by choosing one of the suitcases. Each suitcase has different sums! Make no mistake with the choice!

Free games "Pursuit"

You can take everything that will be close to your gangster car! The most unexpected things hide great wins!

Risk is a lifestyle for the gangster! You can easily increase your win in one of the proposed doubles - different card risk games.


A double with a dealer is a card risk game in which it’s so easy to double your winnings! Just choose one of the four cards! If it turns out to be older than the dealer's card, then you risked not in vain: your winnings will increase by 2 times!

Jackpot "Wheel of Fortune"

This is a nice bonus for all players - without making any additional actions, get a chance to spin the "wheel of fortune" and hit the jackpot! Your task is just to play. And just for this simple action you will get JP points that will accumulate, and when a certain value on the indicator is reached, the screen will display two wheels. You can win great prizes on both wheels: win multipliers in other BELATRA’s online slots, extra JP points and the main prize for the luckiest players will be the jackpot!


New original addition of BELATRA slots - option "Buy Bonus". No need to wait until the long-awaited bonus or bonus games fall out in the game. For a certain amount of credits (which depends on the desired bet in the bonus) you can buy a bonus at any time and enjoy a great win!

The game Chicago Bang, Bang! is great atmosphere of gangster America of the past century and crazy wins!