Chef's Sticky Fruits

Chef's Sticky Fruits

Chef's Sticky Fruits
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desktop, mobile
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Feature Type:
wild symbol, glued reels

Chef's Sticky Fruits

In the heart of Chef's bustling kitchen, where flavors collide and aromas dance, each fruit quivers with anticipation, eager to be transformed into a culinary masterpiece. But amidst the organized chaos of pots clanging and knives chopping, there's a silent reverence for Mrs. Wild, whose presence seems to weave magic into every dish. As the reels spin in "Chef's Sticky Fruits," brace yourself for a whirlwind of excitement, where each fruit symbolizes not just a chance at a win, but a journey through the culinary delights of Chef's domain.

Embark on a nostalgic adventure with Chef's Sticky Fruits, a modern take on a classic favorite. With traditional fruit symbols adorning the reels, this slot game is a delightful blend of retro and new. Meet vibrant characters, indulge in juicy designs, and discover exciting features and bonuses that add a twist to the familiar gameplay. With a whopping 100 paylines, there are ample opportunities for big wins at every spin. Available in 16 languages, this game welcomes players from around the globe, ensuring everyone can savor the fun.


In Chef's Sticky Fruits, there's a mysterious figure known as Mrs. Wild, wielding a colossal cleaver, a fact that strikes fear into the hearts of all who work in the kitchen. Despite never being seen, her presence is undeniable, commanding respect from every corner. Without her, all the kitchen staff are like without hands - she's the only one who can replace anyone! Because she's the wild card of this game, capable of substituting any symbol on the reels to form the most fortunate winning combination.

Glued reels

In the game "Chef's Sticky Fruits," there's a unique feature: at any random moment, two identical reels may appear on the game board, which can expand to three, four, or even five reels. For each grouped set of reels, a multiplier from 1 to 100 is randomly determined, which applies to all wins on the paylines.

Tasty wins await with Chef's Sticky Fruits!