American Roulette

American roulette - online game

American roulette - online game
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American roulette - online game

We cannot imagine a modern casino or gaming club without a roulette. During its 200-year history, the roulette has become the most popular gambling game in the world, the most interesting and dynamic game that leaves all card games behind.

Video roulettes developed by BELATRA have gained popularity among players long ago and are confidently competing with many slot games! On our website you can play roulette online absolutely free and without registration or SMS! You can play not just a roulette, but American Roulette!

This game is American Roulette with two “zero”-sectors: 0 and 00. The design of the gaming table is as close as possible to the real mechanical roulette. But this roulette has also a feature available only when playing online - you can independently change the color of the gaming table: classic green, calm blue or active burgundy - choose the one that matches your mood!

This game has everything - the betting field, the so-called “track”, the wheel whereon the virtual ball will be thrown, and even the table of “cold” and “hot” numbers, i.e. those numbers on which the ball don’t happen to land that often and the numbers that happen to win more than others. The player is offered to make bets on the main game screen as well as on the sector for oral bets using chips. Players can read the names of various bet types and explanations to them in the Rules. Afterwards the player starts the rotation of the roulette. When the winning number is drawn the total number of credits is determined, which will be credited to the player. The game has a lot of betting options from the bets with a small payout - 2:1 (Red-or-Black, Odd-or-Even, Small-Big bets) to the bets with a maximum payout - 36:1 (bets on a number). Place your bets, spin the wheel (by the way, the original solution of this online roulette is spinning the wheel with your hand!) and may Lady Luck smile on you!

As well as all the online games developed by BELATRA Company, American Roulette has been translated into 11 languages, which allows you to make bets in the world's most popular game of chance from any spot of the Earth.

Jackpot "Wheel of Fortune"

There is a bonus for each player - Super Jackpot “Wheel of Fortune”. To get a chance to spin the wheel, you need only one thing to do - to play! Each spin of the reels brings you JP points. The number of points awarded per spin depends on the current bet and denomination of the game. When you collect 2000 points, two wheels will appear on the screen. By spinning the first wheel you can get extra points, doubling or tripling of JP points during the following games or you can move to the big Wheel of Fortune. Its main prize is Jackpot, the amount of which is displayed on the screen.

You can play the online game machine American Roulette for free and without registration right on our website. If you are going to play this game machine online for real money, then look for our online roulette on the websites of online casinos!