88 Bingo 88

88 Bingo 88 - online slot game

88 Bingo 88 - online slot game
Feature Type:
14 extra balls to buy, Free Ball, Magic ball
Available on:
desktop, mobile

88 Bingo 88 - online slot game

Online Bingo game is actively gaining popularity among online casino players. Intuitive interface, simple rules, a game idea different from classic online slots - what else does the game need to become the favorite one among many online casino users? Well, maybe an unexpected design!

A new BELATRA’s game “88 BINGO 88” is a spectacular Chinese style combined with simple game principles. This colorful stylish game has been created in the best traditions of online bingo games: no reels - just balls and numbers!

Traditionally, like all BELATRA’s games, 88 Bingo 88 has been translated into 11 world languages, so that any person on earth can play it! Besides, it also has a super jackpot “Wheel of Fortune”, and if you decide to play the Bingo game online for free and without registration, you will get a great chance to win this jackpot!

Rules of the game

The rules of the new game are simple and clear from the first seconds. After pressing the “START” button, a random number generator starts, it gives the player 30 balls with numbers. Each number is unique and cannot be repeated in one game. There are 4 cards with numbers in front of the player on the virtual gaming table. If the number on the ball is the same as the number on one or more cards, it will be painted in a dark color. If the numbers that have fallen out are formed into a winning combination, a red backing appears for them, and a yellow color indicates the number which is missing to complete the winning combination. All combinations that bring wins are shown at the top of the screen. After the main game, the player may be offered to buy an extra ball for a certain cost indicated on the screen. Additionally you can buy any number of balls, but not exceeding 14, or you can refuse to buy any and can take the received win. Sometimes the player gets a Magic Ball - this means that the player is given the opportunity to choose any number that can make a winning combination. The quantity of cards on the playing field is determined by the player on his own - from 1 to 4. To turn off the card, simply click on the "cross" in the upper right corner. The more cards you have, the higher the bet is and the greater the winning odds are!


The most successful players - those who managed to collect the highest combination – will be waiting for a special surprise! An ancient Chinese talisman will play a win multiplier for you - multiplication from 2 to 5!

"Wheel of Fortune"

“Wheel of Fortune” is a unique development of BELATRA GAMES. It is a bonus for each player - the possibility of obtaining an extra win. Just play your favorite slot and accumulate JP points for each reel spin. The higher the bet and the denomination of the slot machine are, the more bonus points will be awarded per spin. After accumulating 2000 points, you will be automatically taken to a 2-stage jackpot. On the first wheel of fortune, the main prize will be the transition to the big wheel, where the main prize, the jackpot, will be drawn. And the main feature of the bonus "Wheels of Fortune" - is a win-win result! In addition to the main win, you can get additional JP points or multiply the number of your points during the next games.