Win Shot

Win Shot - an original online gaming machine from BELATRA

Win Shot - an original online gaming machine from BELATRA
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desktop, mobile
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1:15324,31; 1:352
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Win Shot - an original online gaming machine from BELATRA

The history of a gaming machine began a long while, more than 100 years ago, in the United States of America. The first, most simple, slot machines appeared in the bars of San Francisco and very quickly became popular with the city-folks. A few days later, these machines were called "one-armed bandits." "One-armed" - because to start the reels you had to pull down a special lever that looked like a hand, and "bandits" - because they would rather pump out money from people than let them win. In the future this name only got stronger, since the gambling activity in the US of the 1930s was going side by side with real bandits — gangsters. It happened so that the sound of spinning reels was easily combined with the sound of gun shots ... That prompted BELATRA Company to create a new online slot machine – “Win Shot”!

“Win Shot” is an online slot game, which successfully combines classic reels & symbols that haven’t lost their relevance since the creation of the first slot machine, and new interesting bonuses along with spectacular high-quality graphics. Besides, this slot has interesting, but simple rules and even a novice in the world of gaming will have no difficulty in understanding them. Moreover, the game has been translated into many languages - from Polish to Turkish - which will undoubtedly allow it to acquire fans in all parts of the world.

The game is played on classic 3x3 reels. “Fruit” symbols, an unusual bonus game, several variants of card doubles - all that is available to players in two formats: you can play this online slot machine for free on our website or try your luck and play it for real money on the websites of our casino partners.

Bonus "Diamond"

This bonus can appear during the main game. When three “Diamonds” appear on the line, the entire game screen will be filled with the same symbols, and the player will get a big win, the size of which will depend on the bets in the main game: if the game was played at a bet of 1, the win can be up to 200 credits, while the game at a bet of 10 can bring up to 400 credits!

Bonus “Hunter”

If a win is received in the main game, it can be credited to the bank, from which you can place bets in the extra game, and where you can win a super bonus. If the game is played at a bet of 100, when the “Hunter” symbol appears on the middle reel, he will fire a shot at one of the open targets at the top of the screen. If the game is played at the max bet, then super symbols may appear on any reels, all targets are available for shots, and each of the Hunters will fire a shot!

Risk Games

Card doubles are a great option to multiply your win. A new feature of BELATRA slot games - you can double the entire win, or just a half of it. Guess the card, color or suit - and get a win multiplied by 2 or even 4 times!

Jackpot “Wheel of Fortune”

The slot game “Win Shot”, like all BELATRA games, has been complemented by the Jackpot “Wheel of Fortune”. Earn JP points for each spin of the reels, spin the wheel of fortune and get valuable prizes and bonuses!

Online slot machine “Win Shot” from BELATRA - fire your winning shot!