Hungry Caterpillars

Hungry Caterpillars - a colorful slot machine from BELATRA

Hungry Caterpillars - a colorful slot machine from BELATRA
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desktop, mobile
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free games, bonus, mini-bonus

Hungry Caterpillars - a colorful slot machine from BELATRA

You will find grasshoppers, caterpillars, fireflies, butterflies, beetles and even a frog here! But despite the fact that they are all insects, nothing human is alien to them. For example, they keep diet sometimes and become hungry and sad from this. So, not to become bored, they find a company of fellow sufferers as hungry as themselves and arrange games! Gnaw a hole in an apple, but don’t let the frog eat you - Easy! Sit on a leaf without being swallowed by a gluttonous crow - No problem! This small world lives its merry life, and you just have to watch them, make bets and collect your wins! Ready? Then go ahead and play the new BELATRA online slot machine – “Hungry Caterpillars”!

“Hungry Caterpillars” is a positive, bright and very diverse slot where each player will find something interesting for himself. Extra games for every taste - from classic (but non-banal!) free games to a bonus with exciting plot, from traditional card risk games to a mini bonus. All this in a new stylish HD graphics with funny characters and a groovy soundtrack. You can play BELATRA slot machine “Hungry Caterpillars” for free on our website in any of 14 languages, if you decide to play this slot machine online without SMS, registration and downloading. But if you decide to play it for real money, you will find BELATRA online slots on the websites of our partners.

Bonus "Apple"

What could be worse than biting out of an apple and finding a worm there? That's right - biting out of an apple and finding half a worm there! No, there are no worms in our game. There is only a cute starving caterpillar that is ready for anything for the sake of an apple - and it’s not afraid of any frog! There are 5 holes in the apple. Choose the one where the caterpillar will crawl in, and find out what is hidden there! These can be very valuable prizes - credits, free games or “Firefly” mini-bonus. But something irreparable may happen - on the other side of the apple, a frog ready for a good meal will be waiting for the caterpillar. But don’t be upset, there is an interesting feature in the “Apple” bonus - if the main game is played at a bet higher than 10, then a crow lurking behind the apple can easily scare off a brazen frog once!

Bonus "Firefly"

If a hungry caterpillar meets a firefly on its way to the apple, this will trigger a mini bonus for you - just select one of the firefly's bulbs and get the amount it hides.

Free Games

The free games of this slot are played automatically at the same bet as in the main game. The main feature of this slot is big thick caterpillars that crawl along one of the reels after each rotation. After that, all the symbols on this reel turn into wild-symbols that will replace any other symbols to make the best combination.

Risk Game

You can double your win in this slot in a risk game "Dealer’s Card". Try to guess which card is higher than the dealer's card! Follow your intuition, and if it does not let you down, you will receive the amount twice as much as the one you bet!

Jackpot "Wheel of Fortune"

The “Wheel of Fortune” is a nice bonus for any player. It doesn’t matter at what bet you will play and how big combinations you will make. Just play, make your bets and fill in a special indicator located at the top of the screen. As soon as it is full, two wheels will appear automatically. On each of them you have a chance to get good wins, including the main prize - the Jackpot!

Hungry Caterpillars: Little Insects - Big Wins!